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Scientific African Magazine, published bi-monthly, documents science and technology developments in Africa and from Africans for the general public, with a special focus on the published research in Scientific African.


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Frontline heroes battle disease in Rwanda

Rwanda’s female community health workers have been beating back malaria—can they do the same for Covid-19? By Maggie Andresen It’s a quiet morning just after…

By Maggie Andresen

Rwanda opts for pool testing in response to COVID-19

People line up for the bus in Kigali, Rwanda. Photo credit: Plaisir Muzogeye Kigali’s markets are the heart of Rwanda’s capital; shoppers throng between stalls,…

By Sarah Wild

What coronavirus genomes can tell us about the pandemic—and science—in Africa

As the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads across the world, it mutates, and scientists can track these mutations by sequencing viruses isolated from patients. These viral…

By Paul Adepoju

Initiative offers help for community health as Egypt battles coronavirus

Essayed Lotfy, a frail-looking 46-year-old baker from Cairo, faces difficult choices if he’s to continue making a living in his city which has been besieged…

By Eman el-Sherbiny

Can teaching in Ghana carry on virtually as the pandemic rages?

On 15 March 2020, Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo ordered the immediate closure of all educational institutions in Ghana in a bid to curb the spread…

By Jessica Ahedor

Dans le cadre du Coronavirus, les pays africains devront trouver des moyens innovants et inédits pour répondre à cette crise

Les effets économiques du Coronavirus sur l’Afrique avec Mouhamadou M. LY, Économiste senior au Policy Center for the New South Next Einstein Forum : Quels seront les…

By Next Einstein Forum

Covid-19 poses a tricky challenge for Africa’s elderly

Old people are especially vulnerable to Covid-19, the respiratory illness currently crippling the world. But Africa’s elderly, even if they are a small proportion of…

By Geoffrey Kamadi

Covid-19: A wake up call for R&D collaboration in Africa

The current Covid-19 pandemic has revealed true weaknesses in African healthcare systems, ranging from limited numbers of intensive care unit beds and ventilators, to the…

By Menattallah Elserafy

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